Surviving Law @ QUT 2009

The first year experience of QUT law students

Breaking the Silence.

Okay, I’m going to take one for the team and post.  I know, we’ve had a bit of a lull, a mid-semester-slump, if you will, but I’m sure we can all battle our way out of it.

So, here’s my round up of the past few weeks.  Firstly, multiple-choice exam.  Despite hours of hurried cramming and answer comparison with other students desperate for reassurance, I found it surprisingly simple.  Anyone with me on this one, or was it something that could be thought of as the bane of your law studies so far? 

I guess the next highlight was the library/citation exercises, which was a relief to see I had passed both of them, even after I had firmly convinced myself I had failed the citation exercise and would have to redo it. 

After this, there is the matter of the Torts A Client Legal Interview – mine’s tomorrow, wish me luck! – and the Legal Analysis assignment for Foundations A – also due tomorrow for me.  I finished the analysis assignment a few hours ago, and by that I mean finished for good.  No more proofreading, no more angst over other possible issues to cover, no more anything except submitting it to Assignment minder and uploading it.  Both which I’ll do tomorrow.  Printing it out and clicking a link can’t be too hard.  I’ll get back to you on that.

Also, going to have to practise my empathy face tonight, hope it’ll come in handy!

Promises to update with breaking news on Torts A Written Memorandum next week!

–  Miranda

Oh!  Highlight of MY week, and not wholly law-unrelated *cough*, saw Chicago last Tuesday, so amazing!!


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I kid you not, I have found the most amazing website ever – with the most amazing game.  If you have not succumbed to the amazing cuteness of the little, white bunny in the game Winterbells on then I suggest you check it out right now.  I spent about an hour playing it because from the first click I couldn’t stop.  Beautiful music, unbelievably cute graphics and so much replay ability it was crazy – I recommend it as my favourite procrastination tool ever.

Anyway, onto more important, law-related topics:  Torts is one of my favourite subjects if only for the crazy cases that you get to hear about and the easy to understand textbooks and study materials.  Legal Foundations, I’ve found is very…legal history based.  I was in my tutorial and was astounded by the focus we had on the history of the legal system.  I guess it does really have an impact on our legal system today, but I was feeling as if I was the only one in the room who had a deer in the headlights look.  Maybe I might brush up on my readings again tonight… I think I must’ve wasted a whole tree with the amount of notes and powerpoint slides I printed out at the Law Library today.  Now to go through and condense them.

I’m considering taking one of those ‘Hairy Lemon’ tablets that was in the Student Guild bags given out at O-Week.  I want to go for a nice, long, focused study binge tonight in where I take lots of notes and read lots of books.  Since I consider myself to be a…naturally sleepy person, I think I need a little extra help from what I can presume to be Mother Nature – or looking at the ingredients – a chemistry lab.  Pfft.  Calcium Pantothenate.  Well, I just hope it tastes alright.  EDIT:  I can’t do it.  I tried a few gulps but since my water was lukewarm and it’s got this unhealthy looking colour and smell…I don’t think I can continue.

So, that’s it for me this week…hopefully.  Maybe after tomorrow’s lecture I will suddenly rush home with the urge to blog about how tremendously enlightening it was and describe in minute detail the epiphany I experienced.  You never know.

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What? This isn’t Cookery 101?

I really would just love to see someone say that during a Torts A lecture.  Anyway…


Wednesday and Thursday are my two law-centric days, so as it now is Tuesday, I have successfully gotten through my two creative industries days and am gearing up for a full two days of legal goodness.  So here I am, about to get stuck into a lot of reading for Torts A.  I know I probably left it a bit late seeing my lecture/tutorial is tomorrow, but I’m using the excuse of ‘it’ll be fresh in my mind’, so that alleviates my own guilty feelings.  However, upon looking at exactly how much reading we have to do, I can’t say I’m not just a little worried about this.  On one side, I studied torts in high school, so obviously I’ll have some clue as to what is going on and probably understand it easier, but on the other side, that is a lot of reading.  I’m just hoping it’ll be more interesting than the LWB145’s Week 02 readings, which succeeded in making my mind wander many, many times and resorted to me having to quickly reread everything on the train ride into the city.


Other than that though, I’m liking law.  Perhaps the enormity of the subject hasn’t come crashing down yet, but I really am enjoying it.  Heh, maybe it’ll be a case of ask me again in a week or two and see what I say then, although I really hope not.  Anyone else with me on the ‘law is fun’ boat? c:


Oh, and in one of my creative industries subjects we’re making short films and such so watch this space, I may be making a call for extras at some point.  Maybe.  And there may be food involved.  I’m stressing the maybe again.


Till next time!


– Miranda

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Computer Illiteracy.


As this is my first post, I should probably follow the precedent set by the other bloggers here and introduce myself.  Yes, that was a really lame beginner law joke.  Also, as a side note, this is my second time trying to get WordPress to work, so I really, really hope it does.  I think I might cry if it doesn’t.

My name is Miranda and I am a first year QUT student studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries/Laws.  I am fresh out of high school and find QUT to be an overwhelmingly huge place considering I went to an all-girls school of 500. 

I’ve been interested in studying law for a while, taking it as one of my high school subjects, although I was never sure of the path I wanted it to take me.  So after many years of future career indecision (involving anything from secret agent to dental hygienist) and with graduation and QTAC applications looming, I flipped through the QTAC guide and found the course of my dreams in Creative Industries/Law which is only offered at QUT.  What luck!

I’m hoping my time here at QUT will merge my love of the creative arts with my interest in law and maybe help with one day working in a field such as media law or with intellectual property.  Or possibly something exceedingly different altogether, who knows.

Or that could just be a faraway dream for a first year law student with a very long road ahead.

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